I want to break my engagement by Islamic Methods

I want to break my engagement by Islamic Methods


A year ago my guardians drew me to a young lady who lives in our town, around then I was in Malaysia. They asked me around then, however by botch or I don’t know why I said yes. Be that as it may, inside one month, I needed to end the engagement. At that point, I attempted to make understanding and to construct a relationship, however, nothing went right.

Presently I as of now advised by a young lady that I would prefer not to wed her, so I just broke the engagement. I additionally told my sister, but there is an issue of regard and self-image in our kin. At the point when my folks get some answers concerning this, how might I control their reaction to me? What if they still compel me to wed, and I realize that I can’t keep her cheerful?

I likewise love another young lady, and she adores me and we need to marry.  But how can I end this engagement; and is it right to end it or am I wrong as per religion? Is there any confinement on me saying no, other than a general public which dependably tries to meddle with other family issues?

Compassionately control me on this.  I would prefer not to hurt my folks, yet in the event that they propel me to wed clearly I won’t be loyal to the girl in my life, and it additionally will make issues for the other young lady whom I cherish.

Wazifa To Break Someone Engagement

You had seen a question by a random guy about his problem now I am providing you the solution for this problems.

1. Make a fresh ablution.
2. Get 1000 food grains of wheat.
3. Read 1000 times ‘ya Ra’hmaan Kul Shay i’n Wa Ra’hmaah’.
4. While reading this, please assume you’re admired.
5. Then put these grains in a clean bowl.
6. Add some water to it, do not add in larger quantity.
7. Wash out this clay pot with a gentler method.;
8. Then pitch this clay pot into a pond or river with respect.
9. Do this task for at least a week.
Insha ALLAH your desire of love will be fulfilled soon.

You just need to take permission from a Molana so you can consult Molana Bakhtawar Ali Ji  +91-7300273361 also available on WhatsApp.

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